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At Mac Neil we offer a unique training style that allows our participants to use hands on training and apply these skills in mock crime scenes to learn first hand when to use, and how to apply the many variations of crime scene investigation available today.

We are not just crime scene investigation trainers, we realize that forensic science has been evolving for many years and has peaked the interest of many young people who are considering forensic science as a career.  we will come to your school or organization, or we will arrange a place and time to have you meet us, and we will discuss the pros and cons of this industry
specifically, the specialties, requirements and suggested avenues to follow to be successful in a forensic science career.  

Call today and let us explain our many options of training programs we have…. We have several that we believe are proven leaders…but…we are always open to a customized program…if you need it!!!…..

We know what you need and we can take care of your training needs!!

We offer many courses that
 provide participants with a basic understanding of crime scene processing as well as develop a complete understanding of crime scene management.  In addition, participants will learn the proper protocol and methods involved in crime scene investigation, and how these concepts can aid in the investigative process. Participants will benefit from applying these newly learned concepts in practical exercises using their skills!

More specifically, this hands-on training program focuses on the basic concepts and techniques for evidence identification, collection and preservation, latent print recovery techniques and more. It will also provide a firm foundation of what is possible from properly investigating a crime scene. We will deliver an indispensable understanding and hands-on experience with the most commonly used crime scene processing tools and equipment. For example, participants will learn how to properly document, collect and package evidence using recommended procedures. We will process various types of evidence using different techniques, and will learn how and when to apply different techniques to specific needs and variables, that occur when investigating crime scenes. We will discuss how to determine what is probative evidence, does the latent developed have sufficient detail and characteristics for comparison and identification to the exclusion of all others. 

Dave Mac Neil, has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience including crime scene investigation. His extensive background covers many facets of investigations and crime scene management. Dave was trained by many renowned organizations, including the National Forensic Academy, better known as “The Body Farm” at the University of Tennessee, The FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA, Blackwater and many other symposiums, schools and specialized trainings. Dave has been an instructor for the US Department of Justice LEIC since 2011 and has assisted in delivering crime scene training programs for law enforcement agencies at all levels (local, state and federal) throughout the United States. He is the President of the National Forensic Academy Alumni Association and has been a speaker at local, and national symposiums and conferences throughout the US.  Many past participants say he is known for delivering a great class with humor, knowledge and passion!!

Forensic Digital Photography

May 4 – May 8, 2015

Watertown Police Station
552 Main Street Watertown, MA 02472

Receive hands-on training in the following:

• Crime scene and accident scene photographic documentation
• Functions and controls of digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) cameras and other types of digital cameras
• Understanding depth of field and motion control
• Overall and Medium Photography
• Proper Composition
• Identifying Category 1 & Category 2 Images
• Close-up photography – Evidence Quality Images
• Functions and controls of detachable flash units
• Solving lighting problems using fill-flash, painting with light & menu selections
• Photographing victims and suspects properly
• Considerations for managing digital images
• Introduction to Powerpoint & Photoshop
• Alternate Light Source Photography using barrier filters
Photographing Bluestar and Luminol
• Night Scene Photography

This basic/intermediate level course blends facilitated learning and lecture periods with mock crime scenes and practical exercises that provide an effective training environment for all law enforcement personnel.


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$495.00 Per Person

 Excellent Training Opportunity!!

                                                    Forensic Digital Photography
                                                     May 4th - 8th 2015


                                                    Watertown Police Department
                                                                552 Main Street
                                                          Watertown, MA 02472

(978) 846-4388

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