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In 2006, Dave MacNeil founded Ridge Count Forensic Technologies, which provided forensic training and consulting services to thousands of law enforcement officers, university students, and private sector employees.

In 2017, Ridge Count Forensic Technologies was rebranded as MacNeil Investigations & Forensic Consulting to better meet the varied and specific needs of its clients. Since then, the company has continued to provide meticulous investigations, superior executive protection, and cutting-edge forensic training and consulting services.

As the company expanded, Dave assessed and identified the objective goals for his clients.

He focused on 5 foundational intentions and the P.A.C.T.S. methodology materialized, Protect, Answer, Close, Teach, Solve!

We proudly deploy the P.A.C.T.S method to our cases, which reflects our successful commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

As a reflection of his dedication to his work, Dave broadened his network and resources and became an active and effective part of national organizations dedicated to justice for victims.

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Overall, the company is eager to share its unique skills, experience, and expertise with its clients.

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In his constant quest to deliver the most sophisticated and advanced services he realized the unmatched potential and resource reach of his peers within these organizations. He approached them with the idea of working together in certain areas to broaden the scope of justice both geographically and in areas of expertise.

The team realized its immense value by combining our unique skill and expertise along with advances in science and technology. Greater justice for victims and closure for families was now within reach.

MacNeil formed the collaboration with other subject matter experts. This team of professionals shared the same work ethic, passion and determination that was the foundation that Dave built his reputation. We are more than fortunate and extremely proud to work together with such a multifaceted group.

MacNeil Investigations & Forensic Consulting provides our clients with expert consultants, trainers, and security professionals. Dave has consulted and protected many private clients, celebrities, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies helping them with a range of issues from confidential personal matters, missing persons, corporate theft, threats to human life, civil and criminal matters and have created solutions from simple issues to the most complex.

Dave has coached, consulted, and provided national and international executive protection for #1 best-selling crime authors and film producers. In addition to providing executive protection, he has coached these clients in forensic practices for multiple #1 best-selling novels, made-for-TV movies, and ahead of major on-camera and radio interviews including Good Morning America, Imus in the Morning, The Joan Hamburg Show, BBC and more. Dave, as a forensic consultant, accompanied a best-selling novelist to Scotland Yard for research and practical work.

Overall, the company is eager to share its unique skills, experience, and expertise with its clients.

Please look over our site and pay particular attention to the depth and breadth of our experts and skillsets.


There truly is no other agency like MacNeil.

We provide a continuum of courses that cater to a diverse audience, from newly assigned officers to seasoned investigators and private sector members. Our courses offer participants a deep understanding of corporate, major crime, complex crime scene, and forensic investigations. By the end of the training, participants will have a complete comprehension of the importance of proper forensic photography, crime scene management, evidence processing, interviews, interrogation, and how these concepts, combined with other disciplines, can aid in the investigative process.

At MacNeil Investigations & Forensic Consulting, we achieve superior results by combining experience & skill, together with modern technology and forensic science.

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