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MacNeil proudly delivers our services through our unique methodology P.A.C.T.S.

Protect. Answer. Close. Teach. Solve.

We provide a comprehensive range of services catering to attorneys of multiple disciplines, individuals, small businesses, corporations, academic institutions, municipalities, and the entertainment industry.

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What Sets Us Apart


Our team is highly motivated to bring justice and obtain answers for victims. We are comprised of members who sit on several boards and organizations that provide Pro Bono expert assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies and victims worldwide, including the renowned Vidocq Society, the Safe Community Cooperative and newly founded Cold Case Initiative.


Our methodology is simple we do five things P.A.C.T.S.; we protect, we answer, we close, we teach, we solve. We’re able to do that in a very effective manner using the highly skilled subject matter experts that joined our team. We all work in a very impressive way with desire, passion and unparalleled resources second to none in the industry.

Departments We Trained
  • Atlanta Police, GA
  • Boise Police, ID
  • Kansas Highway Patrol, KS
  • Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department, MA
  • Maine State Police, ME
  • FBI, Omaha, NE
  • New Hampshire State Police, NH
  • NYC Department of Correction, NY
  • Texas Rangers, TX

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We understand that dealing with a difficult situation can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we offer our services to you with empathy and care. You can count on us to be available 24/7 to provide you with a consultation that is completely free of charge. Our team of experts will listen to your concerns and offer you a range of options and strategies to help you navigate your situation. We’re here to support you and provide the help you need.

Featured Training Course

Crime Scene Investigation

This practicum course provides firsthand experience in crime scene investigations and is ideal for law enforcement officers and civilian CSIs. It covers crime scene management, evidence processing, and collection techniques.


After 40 Years, Princess Doe Identified

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. And for the case of Princess Doe that was exactly what would be needed. A molar root weighing just 200 milligrams would hold the answers that had eluded investigators for close to 40 years.

Testimonials & Reviews

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I had the opportunity to attend a crime scene training course given by Dave and found Dave to be highly knowledgeable with a wealth of experience. Dave made the subject matter easy to understand and interesting with an emphasis on practical application. Dave kept the class engaged and always had real world examples to back up the material. He is passionate about criminal forensics and his enthusiasm is infectious. It is obvious to me that he truly enjoys being an educator and contributing to the advancement of his field of expertise.

Peter Di Domenica
Attorney and Consultant / Trainer in Law Enforcement, Security and Homeland Security

Dave MacNeil is a consumate professional, a perfectionist in his work and one who encompasses a very strong work ethic. He is not only extremely personable but a effective instructor who conveys information in a direct and concise manner. I strongly recommend Dave MacNeil.

Mary Brackett
Executive Teams & R&D Operations Dassault Systems

Dave is dedicated police professional. He is energetic and thorough in his duties and I am happy to recommend him.

Peter Curran
Detective Sergeant (Ret)

I have worked with Dave on a few fraud cases and he has been responsive, thorough and professional at all times.

John Sabatino
International Executive Board – Secretary at IAFCI

Dave is committed to his work. He is detail oriented and an expert in his field. He is highly knowledgeable, consistent, reliable and most of all trustworthy.

Lee Dolan
Account Coordinator at WT Phelan

Dave is a highly competent law enforcement professional. His strengths include a broad background of experience with many types of complex investigations. His education and extensive training have also qualified him to take on many different types of challenges and tasks with successful results.

John Fuccillo
AML Consultant

I have known Dave for many years professionally and personally. I first came to know him from cases he worked as a detective and as a witness for the prosecution. I was always impressed and admired his thoroughness, tenacity, and fairness as a witness. I then came to know him personally and used his services in complex and sensitive matters, and his qualities, especially loyalty, always matched my experience of him as a witness for the government. I would not hesitate to use him and his team in any matter that requires diligent investigative measures, and I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.
-Anthony Cardinale, Attorney

Anthony Cardinale

I have known Dave Mac Neil well for over 25 years. Dave is a person of high integrity and an extremely proficient investigator. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to provide excellent security consulting, investigative services, personal executive and dignitary protection. Dave provides A+ training and certification in Forensic Science and Consulting, executive bodyguard protection, personal executive protection, conflict management, public relations, surveillance, physical intervention, and in-depth security for corporations, individuals, dignitaries and other business groups I highly recommend his services and him personally.

Michael Miller
Vice President of Loss Prevention and Compliance

I have know Dave for the past 25 years while working at Ann & Hope, Marshalls and Bradlees Loss Prevention in the town of Watertown. Dave is very a detailed oriented investigator and always wants to investigate and solve any crime that he is assigned to. He motiivates those he works around and provides the best service that one can ask for. I would recommend Dave for any investigation needs or consulting.

Kevin Mahoney LPC, CFI Legacy
District Loss Prevention Manager at Nike
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