Dave Mac Neil


David M. Mac Neil (Dave) is an experienced law enforcement professional, forensic consultant, and instructor with extensive experience in violent and major crime investigation, crime scene investigation, forensic photography, evidence processing, DNA identification, collection, and preservation. As the President of MacNeil Investigations & Forensic Consulting, he provides meticulous investigations, superior forensic consulting services, unrivaled protection, and cutting-edge crime scene training across the United States and internationally. Dave is a proven professional in forensic science, criminal and civil investigations, executive protection, and experience, achieving superior results.

Dave’s professional experience includes 37 years at the Watertown Police Department, where he served as a Police Detective responsible for investigating all crimes and the administrator of the department Crime Laboratory and Crime Scene Services Unit. He also served as the department Forensic Photographer and performed comprehensive background investigations into potential police recruit candidates. Furthermore, Dave has served as an instructor at Sirchie, Boston University Forensic Science Program,  University of Tennessee LE Innovation Center National Forensic Academy, and NEMLEC (Northeast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council)   where he writes and presents NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and United States Department of Justice accepted curriculum in crime scene management, evidence identification, collection and preservation, and demonstrates and explains proper protocol, methods, and procedures to law enforcement personnel across the United States.

Dave has extensive educational experience, including a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement at Western New England College, Cum Laude, and specialized forensic training at various institutions, including the National Forensic Academy, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy, the United States Secret Service Academy, and Blackwater. Moreover, he has received professional advancement training in areas such as bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, latent fingerprint classification and identification, DNA evidence collection, identification and preservation, macro and injury photography and many more.

With a deep commitment to his profession, Dave is actively involved and a proud Board Member of the Vidocq Society, Special Vice President Cold Case Initiative, Chairman Forensics and Cold Case Investigation Safe Community Cooperative, President Watertown Police Relief Association, Past President National Forensic Academy Alumni Association from 2008 – 2016, Former Vice President Licensed Private Detectives of Massachusetts, Former Chairman Education Committee, Licensed Private Detectives of Massachusetts. He is also a member of LPDAM, ASIS, IAI, NEDIAI, NEMLEC, IAFCI, INTELLENET, NFAAA, SCALI and ICSIA.

Dave has coached, consulted, and provided national and international executive protection for #1 best-selling crime authors and film producers. In addition to providing executive protection, he has coached these clients in forensic practices for multiple #1 best-selling novels, made-for-TV movies, and ahead of major on-camera and radio interviews including Good Morning America, Imus in the Morning, The Joan Hamburg Show, BBC and more. Dave, as a forensic consultant, accompanied a best-selling novelist to Scotland Yard for research and practical work.

During the investigation and capture of the Boston Marathon Bombers, Dave played a pivotal role and assigned as the local crime scene point of contact. He has spoken and shared his expertise at numerous conferences, symposiums and seminars on Best Practices in Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation and Violent Crimes. Dave has been a licensed Massachusetts Private Investigator since 2009. He loves working cases, community projects, teaching and meeting law enforcement and private sector professionals across the country!


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