Dr. David Keatley


As Chair of Crime Science and an Associate Professor in Criminology, Dr. David Keatley holds an esteemed position at Murdoch University, Australia.  He is also the Director of the Forensic Linguistics Analysis Group (FLAG) and Cold Case Review (CCR), as well as the head of an international research network called Researchers in Behavior Sequence Analysis (ReBSA).

Dr. Keatley has authored three books and over 60 articles in his field of work. He is an internationally recognized expert in cold case investigation and criminal behavior analysis, frequently lending his expertise to law enforcement agencies around the world, including the Rhode Island Cold Case Task Force and The Vidocq Society, of which he is a full member. Dr. Keatley specializes in the analysis of major crimes, sexual and atypical homicide cases, and interrogation statement analysis.

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