Jennifer Moore


Jennifer is an Investigative Genetic Genealogist, a Virginia Licensed Private Investigator, and previously a Legal Assistant. Her team has solved thousands of unknown parentage searches since her start in genetic genealogy in 2014. Jennifer is experienced in using DNA profiles from crime scenes and unidentified remains along with investigative genetic genealogy techniques to determine how closely related two people are. This methodology produces leads to the identity of unknown subjects. She has a particular interest in working the toughest of DNA cases (i.e., searches involving: matches who share relatively low centimorgan counts, pedigree collapse, endogamy, different ethnicity, and recent immigration).

Jennifer’s legal expertise includes criminal, real estate, special-education, disability, and estate planning law. She has experience in unknown-parentage searches, criminal and unidentified investigative-genetic genealogy, missing persons, heir searches, probate, title searching, and real estate closing. Establish social histories and background information. Advocating for persons with disabilities and being a notary public are added skills.

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