This is an emerging area in forensics, where many people invest significant sums of money to acquire works of art that they believe to be valuable, and in some cases, priceless. However, after the purchase, they may experience buyer’s remorse or learn that the piece is not authentic.

With recent highly publicized cases of fraud in the art market, there is a growing need for art authentication services to prove the authenticity of artwork. This is especially important for galleries, museums, shows, exhibits, and private collectors who want to verify the legitimacy of their art.

One of our case studies involves the authentication of over a thousand pieces of Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings and drawings, which had been previously worked on by several other forensic companies. Through our nondestructive state-of-the-art methods, we were able to recover 88 partial latent impressions, DNA samples, and conduct genealogy to confirm our findings. Our expertise in forensic photography, latent fingerprint recovery techniques, DNA analysis, and genealogy enables us to prove the authenticity of your treasure or expose a fraudulent source of purchase.

Our work on this particular case received significant media attention, including coverage on CBS Morning News by well-known correspondent Erin Moriarty. Our success in this case has attracted the attention of many celebrities, newspapers, and ultra-high net worth individuals.

At MacNeil, we prioritize confidentiality and will never disclose any information related to our clients or their artwork without their consent. With our expert services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your artwork is authentic and valuable.

When choosing an authentication company, it is crucial to select a skilled and high-value art company that uses nondestructive methods. Improper or over-processing of artwork can cause irreparable damage and permanently decrease its value.

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