Cold Case Homicide, Questioned Death and Missing Persons investigations are an unmitigated priority with our team. Police investigators work tirelessly to solve active homicides, and to determine the cause and manner of questionable, equivocal, suicide or accidental deaths. Autopsy reports take time and often given an undetermined status. As new cases unfold, investigators are forced to work these cases. If new cases have higher solvability factors, older cases will become “cold”. It is at that point where family members and significant others need assistance from private investigators in solving these cold cases.

With missing person cases, if your loved one is not found in due course, the investigation will become a “cold case”. There are many reasons people go missing ranging from the unthinkable kidnapping to runaways, troubled teens and adults who suffer with mental health challenges, substance abuse or are involved in toxic relationships.

We understand that it is terrifying when a child or loved one is battling these issues. We know how complex and emotionally straining that fear becomes if they go missing, crippling families with worry. Our team is well versed in these unfortunate cases and handle them with sincere compassion, fortitude, and perseverance. We deploy specialized skills and methods, activate extended resources, and use surveillance, technology, social media, and dedicated networks of professionals to locate missing loved ones.

We hold extreme pride that our team are unequaled subject matter experts and have an unmatched resource reach in these investigations. Our resources are unparalleled to other investigative agencies and range from local, state, and federal branches to national taskforces and agencies considered the finest in the country and internationally.

If you are a family member or significant other of a cold case victim or missing person, call us. Please look at the varied backgrounds of our investigators and know that our team will not rest until we resolve your case.

A Sample of our Services

  • Blood detection, collection, presumptive testing, photography, and documentation
  • Complete Case Review
  • Case Review of Postmortem Examinations

    911 Call Analysis
    Anthropologist Reports
    Autopsy Reports
    Behavior Analysis Study and Review
    Crime Lab Findings Report
    Dental Autopsy
    Entomologist Reports
    Odontology Reports
    Skeletal Analysis
    Toxicology Results
    Witness Statements

  • Court ready latent fingerprint photography
  • Digital evidence collection
  • DNA evidence identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and genealogy
  • Evidence identification, collection, and preservation
  • Exhumations
  • Forensic and alternate light source for trace evidence, body fluids, chemical residue, latent impressions, and crime scene searches
  • Forensic macro photography of evidence, property equipment etc.
  • Genealogy
  • Homicide/Death
  • K9 Intervention; searches, cold cases, missing persons
  • Latent print detection, development, collection, and comparison
  • Multiple crime scene coordination
  • Runaways/Substance Abuse
  • Skip trace
  • Suspected human remains identification, recovery, processing, and mapping with aerial photos
  • Trace evidence identification, collection, preservation
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