MacNeil is a leading provider of high-level security, executive protection, and investigative services for corporations, institutions, and private clients both domestically and internationally. Having decades of experience, our team of experienced professionals has provided personal protection to domestic and international leaders, high-profile celebrities, corporate executives, and ultra-high net worth clients.

Our services include close personal protection for a variety of events, both nationally and internationally, with advance work to inspect and secure facilities before the principal arrives. We also offer first responder medical service and general care for the principal and their family. Additionally, we provide security for events, businesses facing threats from an employee or during hostile layoffs or terminations.

At MacNeil, we understand the stress and concern that arise during these situations. Our team of dedicated law enforcement and security professionals is committed to your protection, and we have a proven success record in dealing with these matters. We have established a large network of investigative and security professionals around the world who are screened to ensure their operations are consistent with our ethical and procedural standards. Confidentiality is paramount, and we guarantee professional, discreet methods to handle your case.

Our personalized, sincere, and proactive approach has established long-term business relationships, making us an unrivaled industry leader. We treat our clients like family and ensure that individual needs are met with the attention they deserve.

In today’s world, fears associated with the rise of violence and crimes against individuals and property have led to heightened vigilance and apprehension. As a result, physical security specialists are used now more than ever. MacNeil provides comprehensive security, protection, and investigative services in the most professional and unfailing manner. We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge investigative and forensic services and their application to today’s complete protection and security needs at any venue.

At MacNeil, our priority is to provide state-of-the-art security solutions with stability, maximum integrity, and unfailing commitment to customer service. Choosing the best company for your security needs is the first and most important step in achieving your overall security goals. If you need a customized, hands-on solution for your protection and security challenges, contact us today for a confidential meeting.

A Sample of our Specialties

  • Armed Security
  • Unarmed Security
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Executive Protection
  • For-Cause Termination Support
  • High Value Courier
  • High Value Transport
  • Hostile Layoff
  • Hostile Termination
  • K9 Intervention
  • Security Surveys
  • Ultra-High Net Worth Client Protection
  • Workplace Theft & Violence Consultation
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