Forensic Consulting is an integral component of MacNeil Investigations and its diverse range of clients. Our cutting-edge forensic services are available to Attorneys, Private Clients, Municipalities, Small Businesses and Corporations, Academic Facilities, Real Estate Management, and Hospitality industries.

Forensics is an area that is often misunderstood and misrepresented due to media, television, and the entertainment industry. Forensic Consulting is a specific profession that uses many disciplines of forensic science and applies them in a multitude of diverse arenas. The impact of forensics and its disciplines on courtroom proceedings, in the world of law enforcement, and administrative proceedings in the private sector has been significant and our experts deal with this daily.

However, the CSI effect is real, and it has led jurors to expect immediate results in cases, similar to those they see in television shows and movies. Probative physical evidence is found in only a small percentage of actual crimes, and even fewer cases result in identifications from this evidence. Poor staffing and underfunded training budgets have led to improperly trained law enforcement, reducing the solvability factor of crimes significantly.  At the center of this is experts who understand the importance of the science.

At MacNeil, our forensic consulting services are broad with specific disciplines as subcategories of its name. From a complete review of a criminal investigation case to identifying, collecting, processing, and preserving evidence for use in trials and administrative hearings, our experts can provide solutions for a wide range of forensic matters.

Our team of forensic experts has extensive experience in different disciplines, ensuring we deliver the best possible results. We can prove or disprove claims of workplace injury, equipment failure, workplace safety, hazardous conditions, corporate liability fault, staged death scenes, and staged crime scenes.

Our services are valued by attorneys, as we can help them prove or disprove false accusations and claims, fraud, workplace threats, and violence issues, saving millions in liability claims. For decades, our team of professional investigators, behavior analysts, professors, and forensic experts have leveraged their extensive backgrounds in criminal, civil, and corporate matters to provide successful results for our clients.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and apply best methods, including proper protocols in forensic disciplines, to investigate our cases and client projects. Through our experience, resources, and state-of-the-art technology, we have developed a success-driven set of services unrivaled in the industry. Our team applies our P.A.C.T.S! methodology in forensic investigations, delivering total and complete solutions for our clients.

If you are in search of facts, facing administrative hearings, or have been charged with a crime, contact MacNeil. Our dedicated professionals will provide you with the answers and findings you need to ensure a fair trial.

A Sample of our Services

  • Arson Evidence Identification & Collection
  • Art Authentication
  • Biological Evidence Identification & Collection
  • Biological Evidence Identification & Collection Training
  • Blood Detection, Collection, Presumptive Testing, Photography, & Documentation
  • Case Review of Postmortem Examinations

    911 Call Analysis
    Anthropologist Reports
    Autopsy Reports
    Behavior Analysis Study & Review
    Crime Lab Findings Report
    Dental Autopsy
    Entomologist Reports
    Odontology Reports
    Skeletal Analysis
    Toxicology Results
    Witness Statements

  • Cold Case Investigation Training
  • Cold Case Investigations
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Crime Scene Investigation, Processing & Management & Processing Training
  • Criminal, Civil, Probate, Administrative Case Review & Consultation
  • Death & Homicide Investigations Training
  • Death Investigations – Aquatic, Arson, Equivocal & Homicide
  • DNA Evidence Identification, Collection, Preservation, Analysis & Genealogy
  • Digital Forensics
  • Documentation Of Accident Sites & Vehicles

    Investigation of Accidents Involving Personal & Commercial Vehicles.
    Investigation Of Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents
    Evaluation Of Human, Vehicle, & Environmental Factors

  • Evidence Identification, Collection, Processing & Preservation.
  • Evidence Review
  • Exhumations
  • Fingerprints Mobile/Stationary
  • Fire & Explosion Analysis

    Chemical Fire
    Residential & Industrial
    Vehicular Fire

  • Forensic & Alternate Light Sources for Trace Evidence, Body Fluids, Chemical Residue, Latent Impressions, & Crime Scene Searches
  • Forensic Photography

    Building Corridors
    Forensic Fluorescent Photography Using Forensic Light Sources, Alternate Light Sources, Longwave & Ultraviolet Light, Including Infrared
    Forensic Macro Photography; Evidence, Property, Equipment Etc.
    Forensic Photography; Crime Scenes
    Forensic Photography; Equipment Failure
    Forensic Photography; Impression Evidence
    Forensic Photography; Injuries to Scale, Accurate Coloring & Appearance
    Forensic Photography; Latent Prints
    Industrial Accident Scenes
    Insurance Liability Photography
    Litigation Photography
    Macro Photography Training
    Proper/Improper Lighting
    Prosecution/Defense Photography

  • 360 Camera Service

    Achieves high resolution capture of images for review, print, court submission, insurance bureaus or administrative hearings.
    Images are simple to understand and provide stunning detail – versus hearing from words in a report with each person interpreting the information differently.
    Residential, commercial, hospitality, municipalities, academic institutions and industrial 360-degree photograph captures
    Single Rooms or areas or complete building image capture
    Used in very small to very large spaces and areas including outdoors.
    Virtual Tours of crime scenes, industrial accident scenes, injury scenes and circumstances and more.

  • Impression Evidence Documentation, Photography, Collection & Comparison: Footwear Impressions, Tire Impressions, Tool Mark Impressions, Dental Impressions
  • Industrial Accident Scene Investigation
  • Insurance Claims

    Investigation & Analysis of First Party & Third-Party Claims
    Investigation & Analysis of Pre-Suit Claims

  • Investigative Genetic Genealogy
  • K9 Intervention; Searches, Cold Cases, Missing Persons
  • Latent Print Detection, Development, Collection, & Comparison
  • Litigation Support for Construction, Business or Workplace Related Claims
  • Litigation Support for First Party & Third-Party Claims
  • Multiple Crime Scene Coordination
  • Questioned Documents
  • Runaways/Substance Abuse
  • Sex Crimes & Assault Training
  • Sexual Assault Evidence
  • Skip Tracing
  • Statement Analysis
  • Suspected Human Remains Identification, Recovery, Exhumation, Processing & Mapping with Aerial Photos
  • Trace Evidence Identification, Collection, Preservation
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